Demonstrations and Workshops for Art groups and Societies


Example demonstration: watercolour   Sian Dudley

For our programme of demonstrations and workshops, and further details of each event, please visit our Diary page.



Naturally an extrovert who loves to perform Rob is in seventh heaven when he can combine painting, teaching and entertaining! His enthusiasm is infectious, and his love of the medium inspiring and his sense of humour... has to be experienced to be appreciated. The teacher in him can't stay at home either. His understanding of the medium is extensive and he simply can't resist sharing tips, tricks and techniques. Such a combination can't fail to provide an informative and highly entertaining demonstration, and he is regularly asked back for a repeat "performance".

Examples of popular subjects for Rob's demonstrations include

  • Sparkling Water
  • Dartmoor scenes
  • Effective Use of Masking Fluid

If your art group is interested in booking Rob please give him a call to discuss details such as subject matter and fees. (Fees should include chocolate cake!)



Siân is as passionate about sharing her enthusiasm as she is about the medium itself. Although she has a thorough knowledge of the "rules" of watercolour painting her slightly rebellious nature chooses to ignore a number of them, and re-label the rest as "guidelines"! This has led to a very explorative and experimental approach to painting. If you have heard the cry "I want to paint more loosely ~ but how?" in your art group, Siân would be delighted to demonstrate!

Siân also enjoys working with drawing materials, particularly the water soluble varieties such as Inktense, and is just as experimental with these. 

Examples of popular subjects for Sian's demonstrations include

  • Expressive, lose floral paintings
  • "Backgrounds' for floral or still life
  • Watercolour portraits

If your art group is interested in booking Siân please give her a call to discuss details such as subject matter and fees. (Fees don't have to include chocolate cake, but Rob would appreciate it if Siân took one home!).


See examples of Siân's previous demonstrations

FEES: Fees vary  according to the groups requirements and location (to cover travel and time expenses), but as a guide prices start at £120 for a 2 hour demonstration.


Both Rob and Siân are available to do workshops for art groups and societies.

ROB, MEDIA:  watercolour, water-mixable oils

SIÂN, MEDIA: watercolour, graphite, Inktense, Graphitint, water soluble pencils

Workshops are planned following discussion with the group, so you have a large say in what you and your group would like to learn. Often a workshop follows a demonstration, giving group members the opportunity to try the subject and techniques for themselves with the expert guidance of the person who inspired them! Alternatively you may just book a workshop - this often works well, especially if your members are familiar with Sian or Rob through their watercolour tuition videos and magazine articles.

FEES vary according to the specific nature of the workshop, length of session, and travel involved. If you would like Rob or Sian to tutor a workshop for your art group, please telephone to discuss your requirements. 

Private workshops

If you are planning  a painting day with a few fellow artists you might like to consider a private watercolour workshop. As well as being able to arrange dates to suit, we would be happy to discuss your requirement in terms of subject matter, techniques and venue. If this idea appeals to you give Rob or Sian a call to discuss the feasibility and cost of what you have in mind.