Moor to Sea Arts

A Very Berry Christmas



As our children were growing up Rob delighted in making-up their bedtime stories, letting his imagination flow and his aptitude for entertainment run riot. Our children loved them, engaging their own imaginations and sometimes contributing to the story. Great fun was had by all ; early bedtimes were not part of the tale-telling adventure, which should probably have been banned on school nights!

Rob’s enjoyment of wildlife, and bird’s in particular, led to an idea for a gentle tale of an elderly gentleman and the birds in his garden. He and David Fitzgerald took that germ of an idea , and developed it into this truly delightful children's story book about Mr Hedges, and his deep desire for a Christmas tree which he seem destined not to get. Until, that is, his little garden friends decide to help...

The illustrations in the book, made with coloured pencil-crayons, are absolutely delightful!

Although this would make a lovely Christmas present, it is even better to read to little people in the run up to Christmas. It is currently on sale through Amazon, Waterstones and other booksellers. Published by Gomer Press, it is also available in Welsh.

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