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Sian's Story

Artist Siân Dudley's biographical details.

Siân's Story


What Sian paints

Siân Dudley is an artist whose favourite medium is watercolour, although she is happy to create images in many other media including graphite, acrylic, and oil. 

Siân has a love of flowers, and has become known for her bright, fresh floral paintings. Having mastered a wide range of painterly techniques she is able to describe the personality and character of a flower, sometimes drawing the viewer in to discover details they may otherwise have missed, sometimes expressing the delight that flowers bring to so many.

Siân finds a painting wedding bouquets a great pleasure, finding it a privilege to combine her favourite subject matter with sharing memories of such a special day.


Siân also enjoys the challenge of painting portraits in watercolour;  a medium with a life of its own seems to her wholly appropriate for capturing a living person.

More recently, and with a growing interest in water-mixable oils, Sian is drawn to painting landscapes, and is currently working on a series of landscape paintings. 

Her fascination with the way a medium works is as important to her as the chosen subject matter for an image, and is a constant source of inspiration to experiment and discover new techniques. Sian is particularly excited by colour which elicits a physical response in her : watching colours blend wet-in-wet still makes her go weak at the knees!


Viewing sian's work

A few years ago Sian was showing in a number of local galleries, but with her teaching and family commitments was finding it difficult to supply galleries with the required number of works. Life has moved on, and she is now building a new portfolio before exploring the gallery scene again.

In the meantime she is will show her work to anyone who is willing to look at it at her studio* in Ivybridge, Devon. If you are lucky you may be offered a cup of tea and some Welsh cakes...  or a piece of her delicious chocolate cake, if Rob hasn't got there first.


Siân is delighted to have just published her first book, 'Painting Flowers, A Creative Approach'.

She has  been a contributor to the Artists and Illustrators magazine for a number of years, writing and illustrating many articles for them.

Siân is always keen to share her knowledge of painting with others, in the hope that it will enhance her reader's experience of their own painting.


*Sian  is currently having a new studio built, but if you are welcome to view her work in the warmth of her cosy kitchen (it is, after all, nearer the chocolate cake).

Wayward Daisies : The full image and a  step-by-step tutorial feature in Siân's book, 'Painting flowers, A Creative Approach'.

Wayward Daisies : The full image and a  step-by-step tutorial feature in Siân's book, 'Painting flowers, A Creative Approach'.



Despite her artistic ability being spotted at a very early age, somehow Sian's fascination for detail led her to a degree in Microbiology at University College Swansea, in 1981. She is still not quite sure how this happened. 

From there she went on gain a Postgradute certificate in Education at Rolle College (University of Exeter) in 1982. That was a significant year. She met Rob, and it was spotted that she was by nature an artist, not a scientist.

She spent all her free time that year in the art department,  playing with clay and soaking up everything she could


about drawing, painting and ceramics. (The time spent with clay was very useful, given that she was about to marry a man with a passion for mud).

With some art training,  a process based on scientific experimental principles, and being married to Rob, Siân has no official qualification in art,  but she cannot say she is entirely self -taught. 

But she knows for certain that no-one who has bought one of her paintings has been more interested in her qualifications than the image they are choosing to live with.



Siân was born and brought up in Wales, and is extremely proud to be Welsh. She emigrated to England in 1982, when she married Rob. They moved to Ivybridge in 1985, and have worked and exhibited in this area ever since. The lanes in Devon are a constant source of inspiration, especially in Spring, when they are overflowing with flowers.

During Siân's youth she spent much time on the beaches in West Wales. As a student she spent much time on the beaches of the Gower Peninsula (rather less in the lab). Nothing much has changed. As an adult she has spent much time on the beaches of South Devon. She likes beaches.


Her name, Siân , is very popular in Wales, but causes some consternation in England, where people make embarrassed attempts to pronounce it, especially during phone calls. Do not be embarrassed. Siân is well aware of such difficulties when dealing with a foreign tongue. How does one pronounce "Chiswick', 'Ugborough' or 'Hawick'? If you phone Siân will be kind, but just to help you along the way the English spelling might be Sharn; it rhymes with barn.