Moor to Sea Arts



Painting portraits is always a challenge, but especially so in watercolor. I love a challenge!

I work from a combination of sketches and photographs. The watercolour techniques I use combine skills I learned while doing botanical illustration, unsurprisingly for the details in the face, with looser more expressive marks for hair, clothes and backgrounds.

The paintings above are not for sale, but I am happy to discuss commissions.

I have also had a lot of fun running watercolour portrait workshops in which I share my techniques; participants have been pleasantly surprised at their resulting paintings., and pleased with the likeness they are able to achieve. If you think your art group might be interested , please get in touch.




A lovely family friend who happily sat for me while I practised. The background is full of symbolism relating to his life and our friendship.


This portrait of my oldest friend was painted for a Step-by-step article for The Artists and Illustrators magazine in 2013.

This painting was always about her hair!

Uncle Roger

Another family friend, this portrait was painted from a chance photograph that I felt really captured his character. He didn't like it; he said I'd made his nose too long, and I'd made him look like an old man. His wife thought his nose was fine, and pointed out that he was in his eighties. Most people I've asked think the gentleman in the painting is in his seventies, so I'd knocked about a decade off his age. He was always spritely -  it seems I did capture his character!