Moor to Sea Arts

Sharing our creativity

sharing our creativity

As artists we paint, but we also share...

We share our knowledge of painting through CLasses, workshops, art holidays, books and videos.


Our tuition is designed for you to succeed. 

We enjoy teaching. It genuinely gives us great pleasure when we help people to achieve more than they had thought themselves capable of, and to share in their delight.

We both qualified as teachers in 1982, and taught in the education system for many years before setting up Moor to Sea Arts, a response to our deep desire to paint more! But, art is for sharing, and whether it is an image we have painted, or the techniques we used to make it, we cannot keep it to ourselves.

Whatever you perceive your standard of painting to be, we are confident that we can help you to get more from your watercolour painting. Whether you are a complete beginner, looking to improve your skills or re-discover your confidence we aim to give you the resources you need.

Our tuition is techniques based, rather than subject based. We believe a good solid foundation of techniques allows you to explore painting without being tied to a single subject. From the choice of paper, brushes and paints to the best way of simplifying complex subjects or the use of tone and colour, our tuition is planned and professional. 

Having said that, we have a lot of fun! Since we are enjoying ourselves so much it is easy to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly. But be warned - we're told our enthusiasm for watercolour is infectious. You might find it difficult to put your brushes away!


A Typical Tip

It can be tricky to decide whether a colour is transparent or opaque, especially since all watercolours are transparent when dilute enough!

Try dipping your brush in the colour in question, and rinsing it in a jar of clean water. The answer will be obvious very quickly!




"Rob and Siân started me on the path to producing art when I was a complete novice. They are great teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.They have patience in abundance and they are always willing to  help, providing encouragement without pressure. They have a good sense of humour, which sometimes is needed! They teach at all levels, and on any subject matter, from  realism to contemporary.  Even though I have progressed to exhibiting myself, they provide advice and guidance if needed. I still attend workshops, as they are so enjoyable.  I would recommend them to anyone interested in painting."

Former student Wendy Chudley is now a successful artist, selling her work through local galleries. We wish her all the very best!