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Rob and Siân have been working with since their inception, and have both made many tutorial videos.  

Paint 'Sparkling Water' with Rob.

Paint @Daisy Backgrounds' with Siân


" We are both really impressed with Art Tutor. As a company they share our enthusiasm for encouraging people to paint and draw, and , importantly, are determined to provide tuition of the very highest quality. While the planning behind the videos is serious, no-one involved forgets that the end result is meant to be not just informative, but enjoyable and fun too!

We are particularly impressed with the quality of videos themselves. Great care is taken to ensure that the viewer can clearly see what is happening as the painting progresses. Carefully positioned cameras give excellent views of the image, the palettes, and the way our hands and brushes move. And of course, we are able to explain what we are doing as we work too, so we get ample opportunity to share loads of techniques."


When you sign up for Art Tutor membership you will have the benefit of access to hundreds of tutorial videos covering a wide range of 2D media, and the pleasure of becoming part of an enthusiastic online community of artists who just love to encourage one another.

To learn more about Art Tutor visit the Art Tutor  website. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact them. You will find them friendly,extremely helpful and enthusiastic about helping you to enjoy your painting.   Just like us!



A selection of our videos, filmed by Art Tutor, are available on YouTube for you to enjoy. Have fun!

Join Rob painting:


Join Siân painting:


just a few of Siân's lessons on Art Tutor



A selection of downloadable video tutorials by  Rob and Siân for you to purchase.