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Weekly Watercolour Classes

Weekly Classes

These weekly classes are very informal, but very informative.

If you have ever wanted to paint in watercolour but didn't know where to start, consider yourself a beginner in need of guidance or are more experienced and looking for fresh inspiration, these classes may be just what you are looking for.


About the Classes

You are welcome to join us, whatever your ability level. You will find yourself painting alongside people of all abilities, from beginners to more experienced watercolourists. 

During the classes you will learn through exercises, demonstrations and practice. Most of the time you will be working on your own ideas, as your enthusiasm for your subject matter will encourage you as you learn. At other times you will join with the group in a 'tutor led' session, when you will learn and practice painting techniques.  

Your fee includes your tuition, and tea and coffee. You will need to bring along your own materials, and a mug! Oh, and a sense of humour - these classes are lots of fun!


At Ivybridge  Community College you will be in one of the art rooms, which not only provides great facilities, but is also a constant source of inspiration due to the high quality of art displayed in the department.

At Harbour House, an arts and yoga centre, you will enjoy the creative atmosphere and the frequently changing exhibitions in the gallery on the ground floor. The vegetarian cafe on the first floor is well worth a visit!

When can I start?

Due to the informal nature of these classes you may join us at any point, even part way through a term, paying from that point.


If you are unsure whether these are the right classes for you, you are welcome to join us for a single session fro a fee of £15. This will be deducted from your fees if you then decide to join the class. (This offer is subject to availability of places).

The theme for the Spring Term will be

‘Practise Makes Perfect’

This term we will be encouraging you to spend time honing your skills. While watercolour has a life of its own that enhances the painting, we mean to show it who is really in charge!


Fees & Times

Venue: Ivybridge Community College
Times :                                                                                    
Tues 7.00 pm, to 9.30 pm                                             
Wed 7.00 pm to  9.30 pm 

SPRING TERM 2019:                                                           Tuesdays: 15.1.19 to 2.4.19                                       Wednesdays: 16.1.19 to 3.4.19                                         

Fee : £115 (or £10.50 per session x number of sessions to end of term.)


Venue: Harbour House, Kingsbridge
Times :                                                                                    
Monday mornings 10.00 am to 1.00 pm   CLASS FULL                               Monday afternoons 2.00pm to 5.00pm   CLASS FULL

SPRING TERM 2019:                                                                      Mondays 14.1.19 to 1.4.19 

Fee : £121 (or £11.00 per session x number of sessions to end of term.)                   

Please note there are no classes the week beginning 18th February (half-term).

If you are interested in joining for the spring term please contact us. We get a lot of enquiries in January and classes fill quickly.

13.1.19 There are limited places left for the Spring Term ; please do not delay contacting us if you are interested.


Class Members Gallery

This gallery is for members of our weekly classes to showcase the pieces they are proud of, and we are delighted to give them the opportunity to be able to show their friends and family the result of their hard work. We are proud of you! Well done!


And some pages from their sketch books... thank you to the people who have contributed to this gallery for sharing their preparatory work and experiments. It's thorough planning and practise that satisfying results are achieved. (Hover over the images for more details)


A flavour of the weekly classes...

Rob and Siân's classes are great fun, with friendly people and, as Rob and Siân are both excellent teachers, you learn lots too. What's not to love?          Sue F

This little guy needs some TLC - clean water!

This little guy needs some TLC - clean water!

Monday afternoon at Harbour House

Monday afternoon at Harbour House

To I think I get two tutors for the price of one! It doesn't matter  whether you are both at class or just one of you, I know you will have both planned the work and that there will be something new to learn.
You both bring different styles to classes and I get  twice the opportunity to learn
My interest in art changed significantly once I realised that I could move and change images and that I was not stuck with the original photo. Thank you so much for pointing out that the trees can move!
There are no trade secrets, you guys share ideas - my art improves. Thank you.  
Chris H

Cleanwater Fish...if you wouldn't put a goldlfish in it, don't paint with it!

Cleanwater Fish...if you wouldn't put a goldlfish in it, don't paint with it!

Since I joined the class I have learnt many new skills and techniques and have been encouraged to try out new ideas and develop others.
I love working with watercolour and really appreciate Siân and Rob's willingness to share their ideas and to let us into little secrets that their experience has taught them.
The one on one tuition they give us is something I find really helpful. So, too, are the observational drawing sessions.
Having been with the group for some time my confidence has grown and I enjoy the chats I often have with people about favourite artists, exhibitions others have been to and the feeling of being supported.

Dee G

 I feel I have learned so many techniques,tips and shortcuts, and your gentle encouragement has done wonders for my confidence. Very many thanks to you both.

Jill B

Rob hard at work. I think I might have seen these hand gestures before! Check out  t his video of   Robot Rob

Rob hard at work. I think I might have seen these hand gestures before! Check out this video of Robot Rob

Deservedly proud!

Deservedly proud!

A Wednesday evening at Ivybridge Community College.

A Wednesday evening at Ivybridge Community College.