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Off to Spain

Shepherd's Hut, Mairena , Spain

Shepherd's Hut, Mairena , Spain

I'm off to Spain! Heidi at Art Safari booked my flights today! I'm not too sure how I'm going to get to the airport to catch an 8.00am flight ... anyone who has spent some time at Flatford with me will know I'm not at my best before breakfast time.  Still , there's an incredible incentive here to  get my early morning act together!!

I remember siting in blazing hot sunshine last year, listening to swallows and crickets, and thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet of the Spanish countryside as I sketched this delightful little hut found just above the village. I am so looking forward to going back!! This year there is the added bonus of a weekend in Granada, and a visit to the Alhambra Palace. Having just watched Monty Don's 'Paradise Gardens' I am incredibly excited about that!  If it all sounds very inviting you too take a peek at Spain 2018.



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