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For us a day without creativity in whatever form it appears is a day without a smile. We love to paint.  We paint to live.

We inspire

Sharing our creativity we write, we demonstrate, we teach. Smile with us.


Welcome to Moor to Sea arts!

We are currently putting the final touches to our plans for 2019, so keep an eye on the website for information about forthcoming courses, workshops, books and videos. We invite you to join us as we explore the artistic opportunities 2019 brings!


Our tuition is designed for you to succeed.

We enjoy teaching. It genuinely gives us great pleasure when we help people to achieve more than they had thought themselves capable of, and to share in their delight. Whatever you perceive your standard of painting to be, we are confident that we can help you to get more from your watercolour painting. Whether you are a complete beginner, looking to improve your skills or re-discover your confidence we aim to give you the resources you need.

If you need some inspiration, have you considered...

  • A term of watercolour classes with us in Ivybridge or Kingsbridge. Classes can be a real incentive to try something new, or to find the courage to fulfil a longing to paint. We are now taking bookings for places for the Spring term. For more information click here.

  • One of our art courses at Flatford Mill or Slapton Ley. A short art break can be very inspiring! the Field Studies Council is taking bookings for 2019. Some of our courses already have a high number of participants, so we would suggest you take a look soon.

  • An art holiday? There are plans afoot for Sian to head back to Mairena in Spain in 2019, with a few days spent in Granada and a visit to the Alhambra. For more information keep an eye on Spain 2019, or to register your interest in this holiday email Sian.

  • An art book? As well as 'Painting Flowers, A Creative Approach', and 'Painting Rivers from Source to Sea', which we hope you will find incredibly inspiring, we have some excellent suggestions on our Books page. our latest book about painting trees is currently with the design team at the publisher, and is due to be released soon.

  • Watching art tuition videos? A selection of our videos are available to view on YouTube. To view our extensive collection of tuition videos take a look at, an excellent website dedicated to helping you improve your enjoyment and skills of your own artistic endeavours.

Flatford Mill 2019

We have just had our first visit to Flatford Mill in 2019, a brand new course called ‘Art Detox Week’. This was the first of our four visit to Flatford Miill in 2019 , so although you have missed this one rest assured there is plenty of opportunity to join us there this year!

This painting is of a scene from behind Valley Farm, a 14th century farmhouse that is used by the Field Studies Council, and is still in current use as accommodation for course participants. It is reputed to have the oldest staircase in the UK that is still in use, a delightful arrangements of planks and half-timbers, well worn and providing an interesting voyage from one floor to the next!

We had a great week, immersing ourselves in relaxed artful experimentation as a detox from the excesses of the festive period. No New Year’s resolutions to make more art in 2019 were required, but the enthusiasm for creativity felt by the group will see them well into the year!



An original painting can be a beautiful addition to your home; have a look through our galleries. Or for a very personal piece of artwork consider commissioning a painting, giving you opportunity to suggest the subject matter, and decide on your budget. If you like this idea and would like to discuss it, please contact us.


Painting Flowers - a creative approach

" Painting flowers is a joyful experience -  to capture and celebrate the colour, form and beauty of flowers in watercolour is an endlessly exciting pursuit. This book encourages you to experiment and play when you paint, to enjoy the process of creating a painting, and to develop your own style as you observe and render either a single stem or a full floral abstract. By moving away from the tight constraints of botanical illustration, it encourages a looser style of floral painting that allows for a more personal and unique interpretation of the subject. Written by a much-respected artist and teacher, this beautiful book will inspire both those new to painting and those seeking a different approach. "


For more details and to buy click here.



Painting Rivers - from source to sea

'' Rivers can be enchanting or exciting, but are always absorbing. They provide a myriad of painting opportunities and challenges for the artist. Focussing on watercolour- one of the most direct of mediums- this practical book explains how to paint a river and capture its life, light, movement, colour and interest. 

With over 200 images, Rob Dudley shares his methods, techniques, and ideas to make this beautiful book a must-have for all landscape and en plein air artists.

  • He explains each stage of a painting: inspiration and focus, sketching and information gathering, planning and painting.

  • Advises on how to paint water so that it captures the colour, shape and tone of light and reflections.

  • Finished paintings, examples and step-by-step sequences are used throughout to support the detailed instruction.''


For more details and to buy click here.


Rob and Siân Dudley are popular and experienced artists, demonstrators, tutors and writers, with a passion for watercolour painting. They have been living, painting, teaching and exhibiting in Devon for over 20 years. are both enthusiastic in sharing their love of watercolours with others. As well as exhibiting and selling their work, they are qualified, experienced tutors and demonstrators, keen to share all the tips, tricks and techniques they know. Look out for their videos on and their articles in the Artists and Illustrators magazine.