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Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

Paintings by Siân Dudley

Chosen with care and exquisitely crafted a bride’s bouquet is probably the most special bouquet she will ever have. 

Watercolour is the ideal medium for capturing the freshness and beauty of wedding flowers. There can be no better way to preserve the memory of a bridal bouquet, as fresh, vibrant and individual as it was on the wedding day.

Siân captures the freshness and beauty of wedding flowers in exquisite watercolour paintings.

Using the finest art materials and inspired by the tradition of botanical art her watercolours record the finest of details. Enthused by the rich colour and textures exclusive to this medium she captures the essence of the flowers with a realism that almost produces a scent

Artistic Interpretations

Siân has three passions...painting, colour and flowers. These passions are evident in her floral paintings.
Her painting style varies ~ on occasions her concern is to capture the intense richness of a deep red rose, or the delicate shades of a cream rose bud. At other times she becomes absorbed by the form of the flower, accurately observing details of shape and colour. On yet other occasions it is portraying the essence of the flowers that intrigues her ~ the cheeriness of a daffodil, or the elegance of a calla lily. 
Before Siân starts planning the composition of your painting she will discuss with you her ideas of how she might interpret the flowers. Her artistic interpretation of the bouquet is likely to fall into one of the following loosely defined categories, and she suggests taking these as a starting point for the discussion.
A Bouquet 'Portrait'.
This style is a literal interpretation of the bouquet, accurately representing the shape of the bouquet, and the colour of the flowers and foliage. These paintings celebrate the delight felt by the bride in choosing a bouquet that reflects her style and personality, and provide lasting memories of the freshness and vitality of the bouquet as it was on the wedding day.
Floral Design .

While a bride might truly love her wedding bouquet, it might be that it does not easily translate into a painting that expresses her taste in home decoration. Creativity is the key to a painting that suits both bride and groom as a piece of art in its own right, but with deep meaning for them since the inspiration will be the most special of bouquets.The resulting painting might be a loose interpretation of the full bouquet, a traditional botanical illustration including each of the flowers, or a big blousy close-up of a selection of flowers. 

Visit the Wedding Bouquet Gallery to see examples of Siân's work.


Commissioning Siân

Commissioning Siân couldn't be easier. More than that, she really hopes you will find the whole experience exciting and enjoyable!

How do I commission Siân?
The first step is to contact Siân to arrange an informal discussion. She can listen to your ideas and offer suggestions. Siân can explain how she works, and together you can discuss the practical details, which might range from such important things as the budget, to the fun and games that can be had in planning a surprise!
When everyone is happy with the details and these are agreed in writing you can start looking forward to receiving a very special and beautiful painting.
When should I commission Siân?
Whenever you are ready!
Siân's preferred method of working is to see the flowers for herself so that she can make sketches, colour notes and take her own photographs. However, this is not always possible, so she has devised methods of working that still enable her to produce stunning paintings from just photographs, but if it is possible to get a sample of the flowers, that's better. Her advice is to give as much notice as possible to give the best opportunity to gather reference material, whether before the wedding or after.
Who can commission Siân?
From the bride and groom, family member to guests...paintings have been commissioned by the bride, by a new husband for his new wife, by the groom for the bridesmaids, from the newly weds for their mothers, by a guest for the happy couple's home...
Whether you commission a painting for yourself or as a gift this will be a real treat that will be treasured for years to come.

Paper Anniversary

We all know that a 25th anniversary is celebrated with silver, a 50th with gold and a 60th with rubies, but did you know that the

1st anniversary is paper?

Could there be a more wonderful paper gift than a watercolour painting of a bridal bouquet?

Price Guide

Each painting that Siân  produces is utterly unique, and the cost of each commission reflects this. 
During the discussions that are part of the commissioning process Siân will be happy to discuss her pricing ethos, and will  provide you with a quote for you to consider before you commit to commissioning her. Alternatively you may already have a budget in mind, which can be considered at this stage of this process.
Included in the price will be the original painting, which comes mounted and backed to professional framing standards. Additional costs may include framing, travel, shipping and other costs as appropriate, for example, purchasing sample flowers.


A deposit of £100 or 40% (whichever is greater) is required to confirm the commission. The balance is due on delivery or before shipping. 
Please note that, as is usual for art commissions, the deposit is non-returnable, even in the unlikely event that the final the artwork is rejected. All commissions carry an element of 'creative risk' which Siân does her very best to reduce as much as possible.     


Siân believes that a frame should not only compliment the painting it surrounds but should also reflect the style of the home in which it hangs, and is therefore best chosen by the owner. As a rule her paintings are presented mounted to a professional standard but without a frame. If you would prefer to have the painting supplied ready to hang Siân will supply the frame too, after discussion regarding taste and budget.
Please note that if you are choosing to have your picture shipped to you it is more difficult and expensive to ship a framed painting than a mounted one.

Photographs for Reference

If you are providing the photographic reference for Siân to work from you might like some advice on the quality of the photographs required to provide all the information that she will need. On occasions Siân has had to refuse commissions as the photograph provided as reference has not been of an acceptable quality. To avoid disappointment she has prepared a document ’Reference Photographs for Painting'. To request a copy please email her. 

The Language of Flowers

 If you have ever received a single red rose you will have understood it to be an expression of the sender's love for you. Did you realise that in the early 19th century it was all the rage to communicate all manner of thoughts and feelings through flowers? Bouquets were carefully composed to convey specific meanings, and dictionaries compiled for their translation. Daisies, for example, meant 'innocence', while ivy implied 'fidelity'.  
Have you wondered what secret messages are contained within your bridal bouquet?


Siân is able to produce high quality, archival standard giclee prints of her paintings. These prints can be different size to the original, and can make beautiful gifts for bridesmaids or the mother of the bride. If this interests you please contact Siân to discuss sizes and costs.


According to British law the copyright of artwork remains the property of the artist even after the sale of the work. 
Thus Siân retains the copyright for her paintings, and may choose to have a digital copy made before delivery to the client. She is free to use these images at her own discretion.
Siân respectfully asks that you respect her ownership of the copyright, and that you refrain from making copies of her work. If you would like to use images made from your painting, for example, for stationary, please ask Siân about a copyright license.

In the event of a client providing photographs for Siân to work from she will require confirmation that permission has been given by the owner of the copyright for her to use the images as reference for a painting.

If you are interested in commissioning Siân to create a painting of a wedding bouquet, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please contact her.